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How to set up a Wedding Program?

We at Johann Bekker Photography always meet with our clients after an engagement shoot, here we deliver the engagement shoot photos and discuss wedding timeline with them.

First – Google the time of sunset on your wedding day, as well as the city/town where you are getting married. Example : “Sunset 16 March, Krugersdorp” and Google will show you 18:24. If you are getting married on a farm, always use the town/city closest to it, so that you can get accurate results.
The time Google gives you, in this instance it is 18:24, add 10 minutes to it (18:34) and that is until when you should take photos, after the sun set, you still have 10 minutes left, which is called Twilight. You get beautiful oink, purple, amber sunsets during Twilight.

Photos on the day
Now that we know until when you will be taking photos, now what? We move backwards. Photos of you and your husband/wife should be around 60-90 minutes. Lets use 60 minutes for this exercise. Now we have 17:34. Photos with your bridal party should be around 20 minutes (17:14). Family photos before that, this takes 10 – 25 minutes, depending on the size of the family. Lets say 20 minutes for this exercise (16:54). Group Photo takes 7 minutes. (16:47) Cutting of the cake takes 7 minutes (16:40). Congrats from guests after the confetti throw (10 Minutes) (16:30). Ceremony and signing of register is +- 50 Minutes (15:40)
The ceremony should then Start at 15:30, where the bride can be fashionably late (by 5 – 10 Minutes)

For a 15:30 Wedding, how should the pre-wedding program look? 
15:00 – Bride to be ready for Pre-Wedding Photos
15:00 – Groom welcomes guests to the wedding/ceremony
14:30 – Groom to be ready for Pre-Wedding. Photos
14:00- Bride to get dressed
13:35- Hair & Make-up to be done
13:30- Groom to get dressed

18:20 – Guests enter venue (MC runs the basic welcome & Rules with guests)
18:35 – Welcome Mr & Mrs
18:40 – Starters to be served
19:00 – Speeches
19:30 – Main meal to be served
20:05 – Continue with grooms speech (If food was plated)
20:20 – Continue with Grooms speech (If food was buffet)
20:30 – First dance/Opening of dance floor
20:35 – Father-Daughter Dance
21:00 – Dessert to be served / Cutting of cake
21:10 – Bouquet Toss
21:15 – Garter Toss
21:20 – End of formalities

Nice additionals
21:20 – Night Shoot
23:30 – Midnight Snack
00:00 – Only add hours if the party is great.
00:00 – Boma gathering
00:00 – Sparkler Exit

Thank you from all of us at Johann Bekker Photography

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Written by Johann Bekker